Yoga in English

28/02/2018 @ 19:00 - 20:30

FreshUp Zone Studio, Mühlgrundgasse 3., Wien, Austria

Yoga for everyday freshness

Yoga in English
Based on hatha yoga mixed with flow movements, yin practice, mudras and restorative poses.
Through the regular asana practice that build strength and flexibility in your body and your mind become more flexible too, more tolerant to stress and calmer in general.
Get in harmony with your breath through the breath techniques that is the essential base of long life.
My yoga practise is themed according to some actuality, spiced with some philosophy to have a better understanding keeping practice in focus. Learn by doing.
The class is mixed, you will be given versions to an asana with increasing level.
Beginners welcome too who want to immerse in yoga world.
90-minute classes 
Wednesday starts at 7 pm
NEWS – from February on Monday too. 
Registration is advised below at ‘I want to join’ part

What you get from yoga:

  • improved body posture
  • increases body awareness
  • flexibility in joints
  • strength in muscles
  • better stress management
  • better overall well-being
  • more smile on your face
  • boost self-confidence
  • ..the list goes on and on… come and try

Hatha Yoga in English. – FreshUp Yoga – Fresh Up Zone Health Club

Do not find the right timing? Beside my classes, you can schedule private or online classes which are especially tailor-made for you.  Ask for offer and let’s meet.
I invite you to experience yoga in the friendly and calming atmosphere of my yoga studio here, in neighbourhood of yours, ViennaStadlau.


The yoga studio is equipped with new yoga mats, meditation pillows and other props for giving you support – yogis with yoga pass can use them free of charge.

It is located right at the subway station U2 Stadlau, in a quiet, green surroundings, hidden from the noise of the city.


FreshUp Yoga for everyday freshness. – FreshUp Yoga – Fresh Up Zone Health Club

If you have still doubts or questions, just let me know.

 Hatha, relaxing restorative classes on one day!

Our studio opens 20 minutes before start of the class.

We start at 7:00 pm

More about FreshUp Yoga

Everyone can live an easier and happier life, everyone can do yoga. Your life gets easier and fills up with more happy moments in present if you do regular yoga practice. Let me introduce you to this wonderful yoga world.


FreshUp Yoga for everyday freshness – FreshUp Yoga – Fresh Up Zone Health Club


Yoga based on more than 12 years’ experience. I am Agnes (aka: FreshUp Agi, find me on Insta and Fb), certified by yoga alliance qualifications. (RYT 500).


Clear and understandable. My yoga language and instructions are clear, understandable, focus on safety and joyful practice. It gives an overall view of the yoga philosophy that supports you in your daily life too.


My classes are designed to introduce you what and how yoga practice can improve your life quality in physical and mental level. I am here to help you to experience the essence of breathing, the perfect level of relaxation and the correct alignments for physical practise to stay on the safe side. It gives you a view of why and how you can build yoga into your daily life.


Get less pain in your lower back, feel more mobile and flexible in your hips and shoulders and have stronger nerves for bearing the daily chaos. Yoga also helps you to recover after an accident, an operation and supports you on the way of change any aspect of your life.


I am happy to welcome you at Fresh Up Zone studio to refresh your body-mind-soul! Yoga is of everyone. No yoga experience is required, your shape, age and gender does NOT matters. Come as you are.


If you have still doubts or questions, just let me know.
Would you purchase the ticket in advance online,  here you can find the Shop.


I want to join

28/02/2018 @ 19:00 - 20:30
FreshUp Zone Studio

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